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Sears Screamer



The Sears Screamer
 The Sears Screamer has become one of the most desired and sought after Muscle Bikes in history! Their cool Dragtser look always sets them asside from the others.

 In 1968 the Sears Screamer was based on the twenty inch Murray F series frame with 24" rat trap springer fork & 16" front wheel. The 68's were a 1 year only model because in 1969 Sears had a whole new look for their Screamers!

 Later in 1969 The Screamer 1 in Flamboyant Yellow & Red fade came with 5 snappy speeds! The Sears Screamer 2 in red and gold fade was the 3 speed model, and the Sears Screamer 2 coaster came with the super rare Mag Wheel on the rear and super cool lemon/lime fade!

 Front to Back: 1969 Sears Screamer 1, 1969 Sears Screamer 2 (Mag) 1968 5 Speed

 The Mag Screamers were made from 1969-1970. (I have heard rumors of a 1971 model but yet to see one. Most likely 1971's were left over 1970's)


Sears commisioned Murray to build the Screamer for their Dept. Stores! The Sears Screamer is the Murray Eliminator Streeters long lost cousin!

Everyone loves a Screamer!

All Sears Muscle Bikes were called Spyders in ad's!

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Seems there has always been a little bias toward the Screamer and some of the other Department Store bikes but they remain with steady popularity still today! Some may call them "knock off's" but in all honesty they look very little like the Sting-Ray at all! A "Knock Off" would be any bike that came after the first. Therefore since the Sting-Ray was not the first factory build banana seat bike I doubt we can seriously call all the others "Knock Off's" in comparison! (Reference ad below is from the book Schwinn Sting-Ray by Liz Fried)
In the Spot Light

1969 Sears Screamer Mag!